Friday, July 11, 2014


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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Loony Loomers - A Tradition of Giving and Service

Loony Loomers has partnered with My Story Matters in the tradition and spirit of giving.  They make and donate beautiful quilts that are given to the children in our fighter series.  In addition to the wonderful books these kids receive from My Story Matters, they are blessed with a hand sewn blanket of love.

Loony Loomers was created fifteen years ago by Charlotte Dodge.  Charlotte – who is currently serving an LDS mission in Romania with her husband – is the heart of this organization.  Many years ago, she received an inheritance from her Dad.  She chose to use that money for humanitarian efforts.

Initially this group was formed in the Lakeview 5th Ward and they mostly loomed hats.  They provided the church with any items that were needed or requested.

The group now, knows no boundaries and these amazing women function on their own.  They have made the decision to continue their valiant efforts of serving, giving and loving.  This has caused them to broaden their areas of focus.  As they grew, they added quilting to their acts of service.  Today, the possibilities are endless.

Currently, made up of about 30 ladies, they have sent items all over the world.  They have provided toys and quilts to orphanages in Mexico; scarves and hats to children in Nepal; eyeglasses worldwide; and have sent crocheted burp rags with nursing students to various countries. Mary Merrell, a member of this talented group would tell you that “serving is good for the heart.”

This selfless group of women meet every two weeks.  There is always a quilt to be tied.  Members come prepared to work on projects that relate to their personal passion.  There is quilting, crocheting, looming and much more!  At the end of the meeting there is an abundance of items to be sent to wherever they are needed.  

They welcome new members with new ideas and a willingness to serve.  According to Mary, “Serving others is a common interest and we become fast friends.”

They have committees responsible for supplies.  They have a calling tree to get the word out quickly of upcoming events or of changes in the schedule. Last, but certainly not least, you can’t forget the food!  They even have the popular pot luck committee.

Many members donate supplies and fabric from their own resources.  They also hold yearly Bizarres to raise the additional funding that they need.  These are casual gatherings and are lots of fun for everyone of every age.

If this type of service is speaking to your heart, contact Mary Merrell at
If you are aware of needs locally or globally, please contact them.  They are willing to entertain ideas, requests or suggestions where there is a REAL NEED.  They are always looking for somewhere where they can make a difference.

My Story Matters is grateful and honored to have the Loony Loomers join us in our journey of giving.  It is a truly a remarkable experience to witness people who not only see a need in the world but who step up to fill it.

Monday, June 23, 2014

My Story Matters is Going on a Road Trip!

On Monday, July 7th, we are packing our bags and heading to Idaho! The gift of story is crossing the Utah border, and we couldn’t be more excited.

My Story Matters has been given an incredible opportunity to give the gift of story to children and adults who attend the Royal Journey’s facility in Rigby, Idaho.

The motto of Journey’s is “Inclusion, Independence, and Individuality.” They are currently working to help those attending their facility feel more connected to the community.

Journey’s website describes their facility as “Eastern Idaho’s premier provider of Developmental Therapy for special needs children and adults. With the greatest number of facilities, services, and professionals in their region, they have an unmatched company culture.”

We are excited to be partnering with them for this event. We understand it will provide new challenges with both fundraising and finding volunteers that are out of our area. If you are from Rigby or have family and friends in the area, we are in need of financial donations to publish the books, volunteers to interview our VIPs, and photographers to capture their beautiful images.
With the Board we have in place, the interns at My Story Matters and our contacts in Rigby, we are dedicated and committed to making this a great experience for all involved.

Currently, we are planning to host two separate sessions on Monday July 7, one for the adults and one for the children. The first session will run from 10 am -12 pm and the second from 1-3 pm.

Signup here to help us in person:

Can't be there that day to help us out?? Go here to donate to help us make this project happen!!

No matter where one is in the world or what his or her unique circumstances are, each individual deserves to share their story.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Thank You!

Because of your donations, we have been able to expand our horizon and give the gift of story to more of those who are in need.

On January 15, 2014 we posted about one of our Fighters, Brynlee. July 2014 will mark the 
six year anniversary of Brynlee’s cancer diagnosis. Because of the hard work of her family, doctors, and the support of those in the community, today Brynlee is cancer free. 
We had the opportunity to capture Brynlee’s heroic story during the summer of 2013.

(Kara Bischoff meets Brynlee for the first time)

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of meeting Brynlee and her family at the MAC’s Gift Event. Here, My Story Matters, along with nearly 50 volunteers, interviewed, photographer, and spent quality time with 94 children.

Because of your donations, Brynlee’s brothers and sisters will all receive personalized storybooks, highlighting them as a very important person. Upon learning about this gift, Brynlee’s younger sister mentioned that she felt ecstatic that she would be getting a book just like her sister. She was happy to know that she was just as important.

Over the next couple of months, My Story Matters will be expanding our horizons even more as we 
take the gift of story to those in Idaho. The recipients of these books will be special needs 
children and adults. Each individual resident at Royal Journey will receive a storybook about their 
family, friends, and life. These precious books will give them comfort by reminding them that they 
have family who cares.

In order for this to happen, WE NEED YOUR HELP! By donating today, you will help create custom happiness for a very important person.

How to help:
·         Donate to our Razoo Fundraiser
·         Sign up as a volunteer through our website

If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved, visit our website.
Know of a child fighting cancer or a family who has lost a young loved one, nominate them. Have a suggestion of an event you would like My Story Matters to fulfill, send us your idea on our website.

Monday, June 16, 2014


Last week at our Mac’s Gift Event, we were blessed with so many incredible volunteers.  The evening would not have been possible without their selfless service.  They sacrificed their own time and brought with them energy, love, compassion and enthusiasm.  Their smiles were contagious and the families could, no doubt, sense that they truly wanted to be there that night.  There was much work to be done to get the information and pictures to complete the books.  However, for the children, it was an evening of playing and laughter.  Most of the time we serve believing that we are in some way helping others.  The truth is, that most often, we are changed for the better when we give a little of ourselves. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life, that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

I asked four of our volunteers from that evening what impressed them or touched them the most.
“I had the opportunity to spend time with many special families last week, considering that at least one of the children had been diagnosed with cancer.  In many situations, I couldn’t tell which child was diagnosed.  They were all treated equally and I tried to make them feel normal.  It was incredible to see the families lean on each other for strength and how close many of their bonds were.  I was lucky enough to be a spectator and take photos of the children.  I couldn’t have loved it more!  I received big bear hugs, some hand holding, and slobbery kisses on my cheeks from those little angels.  They all proved to me that as a family you can accomplish anything.  Their big smiles and bright eyes showed how happy they really are!” – Siera

“You could simply feel the love that these families had for each other through their adversities.  It was a beautiful thing to be a part of.” -- Cason

“It was such a blessing in my life to be able to take pictures at the event last week.  Those families are remarkable and their love for one another seemed tangible.  I really am so grateful for the opportunity I had to work with those kids for a bit.  In just a few short hours, they taught me so much about life and the importance of finding joy in the small things.”  --Hannah

“Volunteering with My Story Matters was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  It was very eye opening to interview the entire family and to see how positive and how grateful they are.  It taught me that I should cherish every moment with my family.” –Tanner